What’s “Some like it cold”?

Frozen Desserts have existed from the beginning of civilization, but the process was so costly and labor intensive that these cool treats could only be savored by the rulers of Mesopotamia to the Ancient Egypt Pharaohs and Roman Emperors.

During the Renaissance, the dairy based Gelato we recognize today spread through the Royal courts of Europe as an expensive dessert to impress guests and dignitaries. The American Founding Fathers brought back this rare dessert from their European travels. Thomas Jefferson even had his own recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream.

It was not until the Second Industrial Revolution that advances in Gelato and Ice Cream making equipment that frozen desserts could be enjoyed by all.


Some Like it Cold started its journey in 2018 in Italy and Europe. In 2019 is hitting the U.S.

A roadtrip across the world looking for the best stories about frozen desserts: gelato, ice cream, water ice, granitas, slushes, spaghetti eis, kakigori, dondurma and more.

Some Like it Cold is a project by the Carpigiani Group with the artistic direction of Aldo Innocenti.

Some Like it Cold: USA Mission (2019) is led by Katie Butcher

“Some Like it Cold – USA Mission 2019” was produced by:

Aldo Innocenti: director, art direction, screenplay
Elita Montini: assistant director, cowriter
Paolo Micai: director of photography, Genova
Fabio Ferioli: cameraman e drone pilot, Cento (BO)
Gabriele Pallanca: sound mixing, Genova
Marinella Michelini: 2d and 3d graphics visual designer – Mintlab, Genova
Lucio Basadonne: 2d and 3d animation
Claudia La Rosa: color grading and video editing
Music by Fabio Orioli – Studio Artambo, Milano
in collaboration with Luca Matteucci – Redroom Recording Studio (Pisa) and Nicola Carpeggiani (Rome)