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Lara Hammell from Izzy’s Ice Cream in Minneapolis, Minnesota

There’s always a line at this large shop in the capital of Minnesota. The founders learned the secrets of gelato at Carpigiani Gelato University, and then further expanded their expertise in traditional American ice cream. Every year they organize a contest to let their customers choose the new flavors to put on the menu, and when you order a cone you always get an extra scoop of another flavor of your choice, just to try it. Because in the US not everyone has the courage to ask to taste a flavor that intrigues them. Lara solved the problem by inventing Izzy’s Scoop to make shy customers happy.

Kathy Turek from The Knotted Cone Gelato in Appleton, Wisconsin

Imagine a young blonde girl driving a motor home through the endless streets of the American Midwest. Her name is Kathy and she studied at Carpigiani Gelato University to learn how to make real Italian gelato and sell it at village fairs, events, weddings and all those occasions when extra sweetness is required.

Bill Lodde from Igloo Frozen Custard in Lafayette, Indiana

The “Some Like it Cold” van zoomed over to try the classic egg-based treat: Frozen Custard at the one and only Igloo Frozen Custard in Lafayette, Indiana. The shop is run by Bill Lodde a 3rd generation frozen custard maker who has steadfastly maintained the original recipe his grandfather developed while seeing trends rise and fall. “The Igloo” represents the classic Frozen Custard shop ubiquitous to the Midwest and is one of the oldest continuously run businesses in Indiana.

Linda and Rick Mercurio from Mercurio’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Linda and Rick Mercurio definitely know the secret of happiness: gelato… and pizza! Members of the Mercurio family studied how to make gelato and Neapolitan pizza in Italy and therefore can offer customers an authentic Italian menu. This is the story of a family business dedicated to two pillars of the Made in Italy.

John Fezzuoglio from Owowcow in Ottsville, Pennsylvania

The Ice Cream parlor as a point of reference for an entire community. The ice cream is always different because John does not write down his recipes and lets himself be inspired by the ingredients of local producers. He studies and experiments with colors and combinations using only organic ingredients. He currently has five stores dedicated to Premium Ice Cream.

Dino Russo from Uncle Louie G’s in Staten Island, New York

The story of the self-made man who from nothing created 45 shops with a secret recipe to obtain the consistency of what he calls “Italian Ice.” Dino Russo has created an empire, and every day he produces a fresh, artisanal product that is marketed with all the kitsch charm of an Italian American born in Brooklyn.

Malcolm Livingston from Ghetto Gastro in Bronx, New York

Former pastry chef at Noma in Copenhagen and founder of the artistic culinary collective Ghetto Gastro that creates fusions of Music, Fashion, Black Power and high level cuisine. His gelato project is called 36 Brix, inspired by the measurement of the sugar level in gelato and by the album 36 Chambers by Wu Tang Clan. All his gelatos and sorbets are vegan, with an in-depth study of alternative sugars and non-dairy milks.

Jon Snyder – Il laboratorio del gelato, New York

Jon Snyder comes from a long family tradition of running an industrial ice cream shop. He opened Ciao Bella Gelato in 1989, serving artisanal gelato at the best restaurants in Manhattan. In 2002 he opened the Laboratorio del Gelato on the Lower East Side, a large open production space where he produces 300 flavors every day for the public and for local restaurants and cafés. In 2017 he opened a second store in Greenwich Village.


Giorgio Ballabeni – Ballabeni Ice Cream, Munich

Giorgio Ballabeni has made Munich one of the Frozen Dessert capitals of the world. Starting from a dream, Giorgio and his family have created five quality driven gelato shops in Munich. The latest shop is a unique concept where the delicious treat is served as soon as it is made!


Gaia Mecocci of Donamalina Cioccolateria Gelateria – Florence

Gaia Mecocci of Donamalina Cioccolateria Gelateria – Florence – Italy: music can change your life. Gelato, too.
Discover Gaia’s story!

Daniela Baroncini of Gelateria Baroncini – Florence

Daniela Baroncini of Gelateria Baroncini di D. Baroncini: gelato invents a family tradition.
Discover Daniela’s story!

Carla Maria Moretti of Villa Il Palazzino – Bibbona (LI)

Carla Maria Moretti of Villa Il Palazzino: gelato reinvents the ancient history of the territory.
Discover Carla Maria’s story!

Salvino Pappalardo of SofficeMania Gelateria – Canicattini (SI)

Salvino Pappalardo of SofficeMania Gelateria: gelato unveils the territory’s resources.
Discover Salvino’s story!

Lavinia Mannucci of Gelateria Caminia – Florence

Lavinia Mannucci of Gelateria Caminia: gelato is joy, gelato is beauty.
Discover Lavinia’s story!